Inventory Management

DFV Australia managed inventory service allows our customers to maintain a lean inventory and gives us the ability to reduce lead times.

DFV Australia’s commitment to the highest level of customer service is fundamental to our warehousing and distribution services. We understand your need to focus on what is important to your business and not be held back by material management issues and supply chain complexities.

DFV Australia, Inventory Management

Managed Inventories

Our warehouse facility provides the opportunity for customers to send their mill finish stock materials, direct to us from the extruder. DFV Australia’s receiving department verifies counts upon delivery, then stores customer material in horizontal and vertical storage systems. When the order is placed, the selected stock is pulled from the available inventory and finished as per customer specifications.

Transportation and Distribution

Strategically situated in Moss Vale, NSW, DFV Australia offers flexible services for pick-up and delivery to Sydney, the Illawarra and South Coast and ACT. DFV Australia’s transportation presents reduced lead times, coordination of freight, high quality packaging and damage-free delivery.

Our experienced customer service team can arrange for transportation to all other areas in Australia on request.

DFV Australia, Transport and Distribution
DFV Australia, Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

We continue to work diligently to refine our processes and have implemented quality checks from check-in through to powder application and delivery. DFV Australia is proudly committed to providing the highest quality service, finish and overall experience for our customers.

Contact us to discuss if we can assist you with stocking your most popular sections and reduce your supply chain complexities.