ezy HD² Wood Effect

DFV Australia, ezy HD² Wood Effect Powder Coating

ezy HD² wood effect gives maximum definition and maximum durability using the advance powder on powder coating system.

This system is unique to the Australian market and produces a finish with a realistic look and feel, as well as a superior exterior performance. ezy HD² is the only wood effect coating in Australia that can offer a 15 year colour and 25 year film integrity warranty for both the base coat and the grain coat.

DFV Australia, Interpon 25 year Gold Warranty
DFV Australia, ezy HD² Wood Effect Powder Coating

Realistic Wood Effect

ezy HD² finishing was created from technology developed and patented in Italy for the decoration and protection of architectural aluminium with a natural wood effect. ezy HD² is the first system to obtain a realistic wood effect coating using a powder on powder process that ensures high definition and a highly durable finish for your product.

Extreme Weather Capable

This cutting-edge technology allows us to capture the tones and contrasts of wood and apply them to aluminium. ezy HD² coatings on facades, doors, windows, louvres, fencing, decks and screens, create a sense of the warmth and beauty of wood.

ezy HD² was designed to meet the needs of surfaces that are particularly exposed to UV rays and extreme weather conditions.

DFV Australia, Wood Effect Powder Coating Technology

High Definition

The ezy HD² range is composed of 12 colours decorated with 3 grain patterns that realistically reproduce the naturalness of wood, both to the eye and to the touch, offering warm and intense colours to achieve a finished product in such a way that it can be perfectly integrated into any architectural context. The use of the powder on powder process ensures a highly defined grain pattern and a texture that no other wood effect coating can duplicate.

DFV Australia, Highly Durable Powder Coating Technology

Highly Durable

The use of Super Durable powder in the ezy HD² coating guarantees an excellent resistance to UV radiation and extreme weather and is suitable for use in coastal and tropical environments.

The powder on powder process is more durable and less subject to differential fading in comparison to the wood effect products obtained by the sublimation wood effect finish. This is because the grain is the same product and same quality as the base coat ensuring that they both weather at the same time.

25-year Warranty

Because we use powders that meet AAMA2604 standards we can guarantee ezy HD²’s high performance. Both the base and grain coats have a 25 year film and gloss retention and a 15 year colour retention warranty. ezy HD² is the only wood effect coating awarded this warranty in Australia.

Powder coatings that pass AAMA2604 standards are highly recommended for installations in coastal areas, in environments with high humidity, pollution and salinity and in all areas characterised by exposure with annual average solar radiation from moderate to extreme. Enjoy the natural beauty of timber combined with the ease and durability of aluminium. We have the only ezy machine in Australia.

DFV Australia, Interpon 25 year Gold Warranty
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